Lake Tahoe Through Time Book

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Professional and amateur photographers have captured images of Lake Tahoe, California and Nevada, since the invention of the camera. In this photographic journal, we experience the transformation of Lake Tahoe from a Washoe paradise, to a timber resource for the Comstock Lode, and finally to a land of private retreats and hostelries. Herein we experience the environmental, business, and economic changes in the Tahoe Basin through time. Redefinition of the D. L. Bliss family business from timber and forest products to hostelry economically transformed Lake Tahoe. Investments in the Tahoe Tavern, Steamer SS Tahoe, modern rail service, and marketing to affluent San Francisco clientele reshaped the economy. Millions discovered the alpine air, pristine blue waters, and good times that Tahoe offers. Today, visitors still carry cameras and vow to visit again next year.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review